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Introducing to the world of castors and wheels

Castors are basically made in two types being either swivel or fixed but with hundreds of possible variations or optional extras available to suit specific applications. SWIVEL CASTORS are able to turn through 360 degrees, whereas FIXED CASTORS just follow the direction they are fitted to the product by.

The basic castors have a flat top plate with holes drilled to accept mounting screws, but they can also have numerous types of fittings such as, Bolt Hole Castors, Expanding Adaptor Castors, Threaded stem Castors, Plate Fitting Castors, Wood socket castors, Solid stem castors, Jacking castors, Towcastors, Hospital castors, Square tubular expanding adaptor castors, Round expanding adaptor castors, Special designer fitting castors, Industrial Castors, plus a large variety of optional extras and special fittings for all types of applications for every conceivable application. The following are just a few of the available extras. Braked castors/ Combined swivel and wheel brake castors/ sealed head castors/high temperature castors/directional lock castors/
Thread guard castors/ twin wheel castors/shock absorbing castors/ spring loaded castors/antistatic castors/non marking castors/

The following list is just a small example of the types of castors available and the various applications and industries in which they are used.

Furniture castors/ light duty castors/medium duty castors/ heavy duty castors/extra heavy duty castors/hospital castors/ bed castors /catering trolley castors/institutional castors/ball transfer castors /Glass industry castors/stainless castors/Fabricated castors/scaffolding castors/supermarket trolley castors/aircraft handling castors/ Pneumatic castors /heat resistant castors/ high temperature castors/cricket cover castors/ garden equipment castors/ hotel trolley castors/ offshore rig trolley castors/motor industry handling castors/boat launching castors/A Frame castors/ Gantry castors/ Container castors/ display castors/ point of sale castors/ Spring loaded castors/ Baggage handling castors/bank cash trolley castors/piano trolley castors.
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Specialist Castors & Associated Products

Elastic Rubber Tyre
Cast Iron & Steel
Pneumatic Tyre
Phenolic Resin Wheels
Polyurethane Tyre
Rubber Tyre
Flanged & "v" Grooved Wheels
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